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Winter Shopping, 2016

Winter Shopping, 2016

Winter Shopping, 2016 | TrufflesandTrends.com

1. Uniqlo Wrap Scarf ($20)
2. Ted Baker Leather Gloves ($139)
3. Shrimps Faux Fur Stole ($287)
4. Mango Military Coat ($170)
5. Steve Madden Velvet Booties ($90)
6. Kendall and Kylie Heeled Boots ($225)
7. Cover FX Highlighter ($42)
8. Mignonne Gavigan Feather Earrings ($315)
9. Topshop Open Toe Booties ($170)
10. YSL Black Opium Perfume ($90)
11. Boohoo Velvet Choker ($7)
12. Betsey Johnson Pom Pom Earrings ($38)
13. Epoch Pom Pom Beanie ($14)
14. Sole Society Tote Bag ($65)
15. H&M Padded Parka Coat ($99)
16. Free People Oversized Scarf ($48)
17. Smashbox Liquid Lipstick ($24)
18. Sigerson Morrison Over-the-Knee Boots ($795)
19. Nordstrom Cashmere Scarf ($74)
20. Topshop Velvet Bomber Jacket ($130)
21. Mogor Furry Clutch Bag ($29)


It's Monday. Winter officially begins on Wednesday. That's two days, folks. Two days until these bitterly cold and alarmingly short days are officially labeled what we suspected them to be all along: winter.  

We get it. It's winter. No need to rub it in, official winter naming people.  

So yes, as you may have been able to discern, winter isn't exactly my favorite season. But there is one thing I like about winter - the fashion. I love winter clothing. Boots, sweaters, jackets, coats, scarves, velvet, knit, oversized everything, dark colors - all amongst my favorite apparel choices. 

So it's not all bad. Especially with the winter shopping guide above to usher in the officialness of winter. A collage that includes all of my above-mentioned favorites. With an emphasis on boots. And velvet. And velvet boots. Also with an emphasis on furry things. 

If you're a winter-hater like me, I pray that at least one out of the twenty-one winter options above will make this season just a little bit more bearable for you.

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