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Hi there, I’m Leah.


And I live in Brooklyn, New York. I’m 5 feet plus 1 and 3/4 inches tall, introverted, and perpetually uncomfortable. My favorite thing to do is not say a fun fact about myself in front of an audience. 

I'm also an avid novel reader, love large, sunny rooms, and am fascinated by miniature things. Oh, and kittens are delightful.


From early on in my childhood, I've loved styling clothing. My love for fashion led me to obtain certification in styling and wardrobe consulting a few years ago. But there's something I don't love so much about fashion. What I don’t love is an obsession with the fashion industry to the point of neurosis. Fashion is art, it's wonderful, and it can produce great aesthetic pleasures. But the fashion industry can also be detrimental, because after flipping through one fashion magazine, it's easy to start feeling inadequate, inferior, and lacking. 

Therefore, the trends, style tips, and shopping picks posted on this blog are not meant to be taken as a restrictive guideline on how you must dress and look. Stick to your own unique style, and just use my posts as inspiration to enhance your already established preferences. 


Recently (the past four years or so), I've discovered another passion: baking. I started spending hours on end in the kitchen, trying out new recipes and recreating old ones. A few years back, I enrolled in a professional culinary school and became certified in the pastry arts field. I love making food that tastes and looks good, all without being too finicky (okay, sometimes I'm finicky... fine, I'm always finicky).

the blog

Truffles and Trends was created to inspire baking lovers and fashion enthusiasts. It acquaints you with different aspects of the fashion world in the least obsessive way possible, and shares the recipes of my favorite foodstuffs (mostly baked goods) in the most excessive way possible. 

The end.

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