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Feeling Blue (and Red and White)

Feeling Blue (and Red and White)

July 4th Outfit Ideas

1. American Flag Levi Shorts
2. Nautical Napkins

3. Uniqlo Striped Red Dress
4. Vans Red Sneakers

5. Short Sleeve White Tee
6. AE Tomgirl Jeans

7. Equipment Silk Blue Shirt
8. Wildfox Red Sunglasses
9. Kate Spade Blue Clutch
10. White Converse

11. Red Beats
12. Michael Kors Selma Messenger Bag
13. AE White Shorts
14. Abercrombie and Fitch Striped Tee
15. Marc Jacobs White Watch

16. Nars Red Lipstick
17. Piece and Co. Blue and White Skirt

Today's July 2nd. Which means July 4th is in two days. TWO DAYS! 

To celebrate and honor this auspicious Day of Independence, I put together a collage of red, white, and blue garments. Um, how cute are those red and blue Wildfox sunglasses?! And how beautiful is that pale blue Michael Kors bag?! And how apropos are those American flag shorts?! And how - fine, I'm done.

How patriotic are you planning on getting this Saturday? You have several options:

1- opt for head-to-toe red, white, and blue (it might actually be easier to just drape an American flag over yourself)
2 - display a patriotic color somewhere on your outfit, like a blue shirt, white sneakers, or even just red lipstick
3 - you can pretend you had no idea it was July 4th and skip the color scheme altogether (don't worry, I won't tell)

Personally, I'm thinking lots of white. With some blue. Because those are two of my favorite colors. Red, not so much. And red lipstick isn't an option for me either, because with my (very) pale skin and blonde hair, I look ridiculous in any bold, red shade I try. Waaaaaa. 


On a completely unrelated note:

                                             photo from memes dot com

                                             photo from memes dot com

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