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Patriotic Paraphernalia

Patriotic Paraphernalia

Patriotic Paraphernalia | TrufflesandTrends.com

1. American Flag Marc Jacobs Mini Skirt ($537)
2. Mac Eyeshadow ($16)
3. OPI Nail Polish ($10)
4. American Flag Hair Ties ($5)
5. One Teaspoon Distressed Shorts ($98)
6. Topshop White V-Neck ($25)
7. Quay Cat Eye Sunglasses ($55)
8. H&M Sleeveless Dress ($10)
9. Illesteva Sunglasses ($177)
10. Tory Burch Flip Flops ($195)
11. Steve Madden Heeled Sandals ($130)
12. Smashbox Liquid Lipstick ($24)
13. Citizens of Humanity Red Jeans ($258)
14. White Slip-On Vans ($45)
15. American Flag Scarf ($18)
16. Landsend Bikini Top and Bottoms ($65)
17. American Flag Mug Set ($36)


Gah, my eyes hurt. So much red. Too much red. But there's also lots of white and blue. Which makes my eyes feel a little bit better.

It's not that I hate red or anything. It's just that red is so, well, red. The blue and white do a good job of counteracting all that boldness with their natural calming effects though.

As I'm sure you're aware, July 4th is just around the corner. Like literally around the corner, if the weekend is to be considered the corner and Monday is to be considered the thing that's around the corner. Am I making sense? No, probably not. Whatever, all you need to know is that the Day of Independence is this Monday. Or in three days.

This, of course, is the reason for this patriotic paraphernalia post, which, by now, I'm going to assume you've figured out on your own. Wow, 5 commas in one sentence (that didn't contain a list of items). Pretty sure that's a record.

You'll find lots of American flag apparel and accessories, as well as many other objects and garments in red, white, and blue shades. I'm particularly liking the Quay sunglasses, the red lace up sandals, and the Smashbox liquid lipstick. 

Happy, happy July 4th weekend! See ya Monday. 

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