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Autumn Shopping, 2015

Autumn Shopping, 2015

Autumn Shopping Picks | trufflesandtrends.com

1. Topshop Striped Sweater
2. Crochet Infinity Scarf
3. Forever 21 Faux Leather Choker
4. Dorothy Perkins Tan Midi Skirt
5. Distressed Black Jeans
6. Green Hooded Parka
7. Michelle Mason Grey Sweater Dress
8. Rebecca Minkoff Fringe Bag
9. H&M Black Tights
10. Gold Cuff Bracelet
11. Aqua Di Gioia Perfume
12. River Island Suede Cape
13. Grey Leather Gloves
14. Topshop Side Tie Booties
15. Dior Mascara
16. Nars Lipstick
17. Stuart Weitzman Tall Boots
18. AE Fringe Cardigan

Hello. Today is Monday. In two days, it will be Wednesday. In two days, it will also be autumn. Officially. Yes, that's right, summer ends and fall begins in approximately 48 hours. 

I'm sorry I had to be the one to break the news. But somebody had to do it.

It's time to say farewell to your sandals and sundresses and welcome some new friends into your closet. Boots, sweaters, jackets, and cardigans are all waiting for their greetings. Also waiting for their spot in your wardrobe are apparel of the suede, leather, and knit nature, as well as trousers, tights, and leggings. Please, make some room.

I'm excited. Not for fall. But for fall clothing. I love boots and knits and all other cold-weather apparel. Maybe with the exception of puffer coats. Not thrilled about those. Not thrilled at all.

Above is a medley of some pretty perfect autumn apparel, from sweaters to parkas to boots to capes to cardigans to pants to accessories. Feel free to scan and checkout the items. Not checkout as in look. Checkout as in order them. Online. Or in stores. Now.

Sigh - what I wouldn't do for those Stuart Weizman over-the-knee boots. 


On a completely unrelated note, LOVE THIS:

                                          photo from dump a day dot com

                                          photo from dump a day dot com

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