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Ought Not To, Ought To: Vests

Ought Not To, Ought To: Vests


Affordable Formal Vests

Max Mara
Topshop Black
Topshop Pink
Mossimo (Target)
Forever 21 Grey
Forever 21 Olive
BB Dakota

You know those days when you wake up and just can't be bothered to put on a functional outfit? Of course you do. Well, here's a life tip for when such a day arrives: throw on any plain t-shirt dress (or any tee and jeans), and then position a lovely, little vest on top of that. Now you're dressed. Not just dressed. Well-dressed. 

This post is dedicated not to the outerwear-type vests that you wear when the weather is wishy-washy (not quite cold, but not quite hot, and not quite warm either), but rather to indoor-type vests that you wear more for fashion than for function. But these vests aren't the type of fashion-over-function apparel that cause discomfort. "Beauty is pain" need not apply here. With a stylish vest, you get the beauty, without the pain. Errrrrrr, why do I get the feeling I'm not making any sense? 


The top collage supplies you with formal vests, ones that are perfect for work or to dress up any outfit out of work or to look like the grown up that you probably are. But also, feel free to wear a more formal type of vest on any ordinary, casual day, because mixing more formal pieces with less formal ones is always a good idea. 

The collage below features casual vests, ones that will take any outfit from plain to darling. Wear them over tees, shirts, dresses, trousers - everything. K? K. 


Affordable Casual Vests

Forever 21 Fringe
Forever 21 Black
Free People


On a completely unrelated note, this guy follows instructions to a T:

                                                         photo from dump a day dot com

                                                         photo from dump a day dot com

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