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Ought Not To, Ought To: Slip-On Sneakers

Ought Not To, Ought To: Slip-On Sneakers

solid slip-ons

affordable solid slip-on sneakers

Jimmy Choo
Derek Lam
Forever 21
Steve Madden

Nine West

It's been officially summer for almost a week now. And that makes me very happy. Because, news flash: I LOVE SUMMER!

When it comes to summer shoes, the first type that will probably come to mind for most people is a pair of flip flops or sandals. But let me introduce you to one of my favorite types of summer shoes: slip-on sneakers. Half-sneaker, half-flat, a slip-on shoe gives you all the comfort of a sneaker with all the style of a good 'ole pair of flats. 

You'll never catch me in a pair of ballet flats, or even oxfords (unless, they're like, super insanely awesome), so slip-on sneakers are pretty much the only type of flats I'll wear.

Boots, I love. Booties, I love. Regular sneakers, I love. Heels, I love - if they're not excruciatingly painful and I don't look like a penguin when I try to walk in them. Sandals, I love - if they have a little height (because I'm 5 foot 1 and 3/4 inches short). And slip-on sneakers - I LOVE! 

Some people, i.e. my sister, like their slip-ons as flat as possible, like the Frye pair above. Some like them super chunky, like the Forever 21 pairs above and below. I like mine somewhere in the middle, like the Ash pair. A happy medium. Because everything in moderation (besides cookies), right? 

So really, you can go with any sole height, from "my-feet-are-basically-touching-the-ground-so-why-am-I-even-wearing-shoes," to "these-flatforms-are-so-high-I-can-practically-touch-the-sky" (it rhymed!!). And after that, choose your preferred pattern and style, like canvas, leather, suede, fuzzy, solid, quilted, embellished, patterned, or winking eye.

So many options, so many decisions - it's the hard-knock life, I tell you. 


patterned slip-ons

affordable slip-on sneakers
                                                                                                 photo from memes dot com 

                                                                                                 photo from memes dot com 

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