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Stripes or Stripes? Stripes.

Stripes or Stripes? Stripes.

striped outfit idea

1. Wood Wood Striped Dress
2. Jennifer Lopez Bangle Set
3. Aldo Gladiator Sandals
4. Michael Kors Aviator Sunglasses
5. Nars Red Lipstick
6. Pamela Love Necklace
7. Dior Perfume
8. Tory Burch Small Handbag

Stripes. Stripes. Stripes. Say it three times. The English language is weird, man. 

The word "stripe" may sound weird, but the trend definitely isn't.

"What trend?" you say. "I've seen stripes every season, in every store" you say.

And you are right. And wrong.

The stripe is a classic pattern that has been around for a long, long time. However, this season, more than ever, stripes were seen all over the runways. Which is why you may have noticed a profusion of striped apparel during your shopping expeditions. Is that a bad thing? I think not. I think, quite the contrary. I think, the more the merrier. But enough of what I think. What do you think? Do you think the stripe is a pattern you want to be wearing this summer? I pray the answer is yes. Please. Please tell me it's yes. Please.

Now, above I displayed an outfit idea featuring a striped dress. However, if you think that's a bit much for you, choose a less prominent article of your outfit to parade some stripes. Like your top. Like maybe a striped tee. Hey, would you look at that - there are 12 striped t-shirts right below for you to choose from. Unbelievable!

Some ideas for striped tee pairings:

- Paired with jeans or shorts (think white jeans for a classic, nautical look) 
- Paired with a patterned skirt, perhaps in a floral print (yes, I'm talking major pattern mixing)
- Paired with a solid pencil skirt (tuck it in for a polished look)
- Layered over a blouse (pick a denim blouse for extra cuteness points)

Stripes. They're classic. And trending. Stripes. They're a trending classic. Stripes. For the win. 


White, Black, and Blue striped tees for days

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On a completely unrelated note, yep, sounds about right:

                                           photo from dump a day dot com

                                           photo from dump a day dot com

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