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How to Dress Like a Ballerina

How to Dress Like a Ballerina






























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I love dancing. Not dancing dancing. Like not real dancing. Like fun dancing. Like not ballet dancing. There are too many rules in ballet. But I wouldn't mind dressing like I do ballet. Dancing like a ballerina? Not exactly up my alley. Looking like a ballerina? More than fine with me.

So it's nice to know that ballet-inspired dressing is trending. VERY trending. Ballet looks were featured all over the Spring 2015 runways. Chiffon skirts, flowing dresses, lace-up shoes, and sheer tops all made their debuts. 

Ballet clothing is delicate and feminine, romantic and whimsical - all of which you'll see depicted above. I know dainty and ladylike is not everyone's thing. If you're not into ballet-esque clothing, perhaps the area of this trend for you to really experiment with would be shoes. Like lace up shoes. They are quite flattering and will make an interesting addition to any outfit. Or even make the outfit.  

I  featured clothing inspired by the ballet trend that would make seamless additions to your spring and summer wardrobe. Nothing's too eccentric - all the pieces are street-style ready. Aside from maybe that big red tutu skirt featured first. Although that skirt would easily be everyday wear for me. Quick run to the grocery store? I think I'll throw on my ballet-inspired red tutu skirt. Easiest decision EVER.


On a completely unrelated note, because it's easier than saying excuse me:

                                                                     photo from    diy-  lol  .  com

                                                                     photo from  diy-lol.com

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