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Easy-Read Fashion Books

Easy-Read Fashion Books

books on fashion


I love novels. I read them voraciously. But sometimes I just want an easy read. A book that I can read while using very minimal brain power. A book that has a picture to word ratio of say, one to one. So one word per picture. So a picture book, for all intents and purposes. 

Well, I've found a few of these such books on the topics of style and fashion. And compiled five of these easy-read fashion books here for you. 

I've read through these style books many, many times. But "read" is an overstatement, because some of these books are picture books. So I guess I viewed these books many times? Either way, thank goodness for picture books, because some days, they're just critically essential (critical AND essential. Redundancy is my aim).

Side, but very important, note: comic books fall into the same "critically essential" category (shout out to my two favorite comic books, Peanuts and Calvin and Hobbes). 

I love picture books. And novels. Both.  

books on style
fashion and style books


Here's a short description for each book:

The Sartorialist - a collection of the top images taken by Scott Schuman, author or thesartorialist.com 
The images depict women's and men's street style that were captured by Schuman.
Like Humans of New York, but just for fashion. And not just pictures taken in New York. 

the sartorialist


Dreaming of Dior - illustrates the pieces of a vintage clothing collection that a woman inherited from her godmother (lucky *g&1$!g8my9d%). Every two pages of the book displays the following: the clothing, illustrated beautifully by Grant Cowan, and on the opposite page, the background story for the illustrated garment. 


Dreaming of Chanel - because of the first book's popularity (Dreaming of Dior), a second book was created, featuring more pieces from the collection. 

dreaming of chanel


The Teen Vogue Handbook - features great advice for anyone interested in pursuing a career in fashion. Includes interviews with designers, stylists, editors, models, makeup artists, photographers, and more. Also - lots of exciting pictures :)

the teen vogue handbook


101 Things I Learned in Fashion School - provides short and easy to understand definitions for 101 terms one would learn in fashion school. Of course, illustrations are provided!

101 things I learned in fashion school



On a completely unrelated note, I'm sure I've done this:

                                                                       photo from   Diylol  .  com

                                                                       photo from Diylol.com

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