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Ought Not To, Ought To: Pointed Toe Pumps

Ought Not To, Ought To: Pointed Toe Pumps

pointed toe nude pumps - expensive and affordable options

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Pumps are classic. Pointed toe pumps - even more classic. Black or nude pointed toe pumps - the most classic of them all.

Before I chose to feature these two colors, I hesitated. I thought that selecting black and nude might be repetitive, because in the last ought not to, ought to post, where trench coats were featured, the colors the jackets were depicted in were also black and nude. But, instead of thinking of these two colors as repetitious, think of them as classic.

Black and nude are two of the most classic colors (white and brown and grey and other neutrals are very classic too). So black and nude are not repetitious. They're classic. Classic ≠ repetitious.  Classic = classic. Just like pizza = pizza. I'm so good at explaining things.

So there you have it. Classic nude pumps above, classic black pumps below. I took the liberty of showcasing some choices in a slightly higher price range; when you're dealing with a never-go-out-of-style item like a pump, spending a little more is worth it in the long run. You can wear these shoes every season, every year, until they're too scuffed or worn out. No need to worry about them becoming outdated any time soon. Convenient, right? 


pointed toe black pumps - expensive and affordable options
                                                                    photo from    diylol  .  com

                                                                    photo from  diylol.com

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