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Spring Shopping

Spring Shopping

Spring essentials

1. Rebecca Minkoff Leo Clutch
2. J.Crew Broken-in Jean Jacket
3. Madewell Leather Zip Shorts
4. American Eagle Denim Vest
5. Abercrombie And Fitch Light Jeggings
6. Stuart Weitzman Nudist Sandal
7. H&M Leather Biker Jacket
8. AE Colorblock Baseball T-shirt
9. Ray-Ban Light Blue Aviator Sunglasses
10. Mac Mineralize Rich Lipstick
11. Thomas By Rosenthal Blue Pastel Mug
12. Fossil White Ceramic Watch
13. AG Distressed Denim Skirt
14. Natural and Gold Coasters
15. Home Essentials Mustache Mason Jars
16. Jules Smith Wrap Silver Bracelet
17. Milky Way Faux Leather Drape Jacket
18. Essie "Just Stitched" Pink Nail Polish

Tomorrow is the first day of spring. HAPPY ONE-DAY-EARLY SPRING!! Aaah, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming - okay, I know, getting ahead of myself, there's still snow on the ground. But still. It's spring!

Time for some spring shopping. I'll start with the items above. Denim and leather are "in" this season, which is (very, very) fine by me. So fine, in fact, that just about half of the items in the collage above are either denim or leather. I hope that's fine with you too.

I plan on incorporating lots of these two fabrics into my wardrobe this spring and summer. And not just because they're trending. Here's why: in case you haven't noticed, I really, really like the color blue (see blog logo, link colors (coming right up), Facebook and Twitter theme colors, etcetera). And you know what color denim is? Blue! Perrrrrrfect.

Also, denim is classic, at least by any American standard (yes, I said classic. No - pencil skirts and white shirts aren't the only classic apparel choices). Also, with denim, you have a big variety to choose from. Go with dark jeans for a clean and more polished look, or distressed denim for a more casual and playful look. Also, denim comes in many shapes and forms. Denim shape and form types: jackets, vests, jeans, shorts, skirts + + +. Also - nah, that's it for now.

And leather? I've always loved leather. It's so chic and COOL.

What people infer when they see the following:
A person not wearing leather: ordinary, unremarkable, Joe Blow
A person wearing leather: bold, spiffy, dashing, super cool, NINJA

So, Leather = Ninja

To summarize, wear denim and leather this spring. Which starts tomorrow. Happy one-day-early-minus-a-few-minutes spring!


On a completely unrelated note, you know the socially awkward penguin memes I post sometimes? Those are blue. This one is red. Red = socially awesome penguin meme. Like this:

                                                                             Photo from   DIylol  .  com

                                                                             Photo from DIylol.com

Please don't be offended. Girl power. But c'mon- it's hilarious. 

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