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Valentine's Day: Gifts for him and her

Valentine's Day: Gifts for him and her

valentines day gifts for girls

1. Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss
2. Burberry Cashmere Scarf
3. Pink Studio Beats
4. Pier One Floral Pillow
5. Faux Rose Bouquet
6. Kate Spade Heart Studs
7. Wilton Valentine Cookies
8. Marc Jacobs Cosmetic Bag
9. Sterling Silver Diamond Studs
10. Custom Heart Photo Collage
11. Macbook Leather Cover
12. Gourmet Valentine's Chocolates
13. Crate and Barrel Heart Dishes
14. Sephora Makeup Set
15. Vince Camuto Perfume
16. Williams-Sonoma Heart mug
17. Petite Four Cakes
18. Party City Heart Balloons


Did you know that Valentine's Day is this Saturday? Yeah, it is. Crazy, I know.

Totally forgot about gifts? Or totally pretended to forget about gifts because you are always a last-minute gifting offender? Not a problem. I got you covered. I put this gift guide together for you. Yes, the whole thing. I know you can't believe it. You're so very welcome. Please, that standing ovation really isn't necessary. 

Take a look at these gift guides for him and her; perhaps you can find something from these options. If you don't find anything, at least it'll give you some ideas. Prices range from dirt cheap to exorbitant, plus everything in between. Hopefully that'll work for you (duh, because the gifts cover every price range). 

My personal favorites for her (I like everything, because they're all my own choices, but the favorites from the favorites): laptop cover (number 11), heart dishes (number 13), and the petite four cakes (number 17).

My personal favorites for him (again, I like everything): Burberry gift set (number 2), Ray-Ban sunglasses (number 12), and the heart socks, which I only just realized have broken hearts on them. Um... Whoops? (number 18). 

You have 6 days. 144 hours. 518,400 seconds. You don't want to pay for express shipping. GO! GO! GO!


valentines day gifts for boy
                                                     Photo from Dump A DAy

                                                     Photo from Dump A DAy

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