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Ought Not To, Ought To: Embellished Leggings

Ought Not To, Ought To: Embellished Leggings

Embellished Leggings

Affordable Embellished Leggings | trufflesandtrends.com
Affordable Patterned Leggings | trufflesandtrends.com

Issey Miyake
Steve Madden
Salt Gypsy

Leggings. Who doesn't love em?

But we're not talking about regular leggings here. We're not discussing the basic black footless tight. Nope. Today we're covering embellished leggings. Leggings with zippers and buttons and patterns and lace and leggings cut from leather and suede and velvet. Cool leggings, basically.

From my observations, patterned leggings are worn mostly to, in, and from the gym or in the park when doing yoga or on female bodybuilders on an everyday basis. And the other type of leggings - the embellished ones featured in the top collage - are worn as the bottom part of an outfit or under the bottom part of the outfit. So either on their own with a top or not on their own but rather under a dress or skirt. Either or. Both work. Very well.

Style Suggestions: try a denim dress with leather leggings underneath. Or an oversized knit sweater paired with those velvet leggings. Or the suede leggings worn with either a cream blouse or a poncho/shawl/cape thingy. Or those adidas leggings, styled exactly as shown in the photo above.

Leggings are perfect for fall. Embellished leggings - even more so. So much more so. 


On a completely unrelated note, guilty:

                                                             photo from dump a day dot com

                                                             photo from dump a day dot com

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