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Leather Backpacks Under $200

Leather Backpacks Under $200


Okay kids, pick out a backpack, it's back to school time. 

KIDDING. Just joking. 

There's still a few days left to June. And then there's the whole July. And the whole August. Relax. Breathe. Summer is just beginning.

So why backpacks, now, in the beginning/middle of the summer? Because backpacks aren't just for kids. And they aren't just for school. Backpacks are for adults. For any casual occasion. 

Why schlep around all your necessities in a large tote bag, placing all the weight on one shoulder, subsequently harming your back and messing with your balance and doing all other kinds of horrible, terrible things when you can comfortably stroll around in a cool backpack of any size and any color and any style? WHY?

Well, not any style. Stroll around in a genuine leather or suede backpack. That's under $200. Because affordable backpacks are always nice. Leather and suede ones especially. 

So, here is your homework assignment. Please follow the instructions to the T:
1-  purchase an affordable leather backpack - one of the 36 backpack options above may be a good starting point
2- transfer your belongings from your shoulder bag to the new backpack
3- place backpack straps onto shoulders
4- stroll

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