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Twosie Sets: My Picks

Twosie Sets: My Picks

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Anyone else as obsessed with twosie sets as I am? Nah, probably not. 

I'm always always always on the lookout for the perfect outfit set, the perfect coordinating top and skirt. But they're not easy to find. Few stores carry twosie sets. Sadly.

I scoured all of the online stores I could think of that might have coordinating tops and bottoms. And presented some of my favorite finds here for you.

So behold, my picks for twosie sets. 

Because even if you've never before considered donning a twosie set, today is the day you will contemplate wearing one. You must. They're so cute! And I've done all the work for you. You just have to choose one (or seven) sets from the above selection. 

Opt for an outfit set that contains a matching sweater top and midi skirt, a matching blazer and pair of pants (otherwise known as a suit, whatever), a matching jacket and mini skirt, or a matching maxi skirt and crop top.

All these options are available to you. Right here. I'm making it as easy as possible. Because I need you to start wearing twosie sets. I need the whole world to. Everyone needs to wear twosies. All day every day. 

So will you? Please? Thaaaaaanks. 


On a completely unrelated note,

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