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Pattern Mixing: A Guide

Pattern Mixing: A Guide

florals and stripes: pattern mixing | trufflesandtrends.com
pattern mixing outfit ideas | trufflesandtrends.com
pattern mixing outfit ideas | trufflesandtrends.com
pattern mixing outfit ideas | trufflesandtrends.com

Gap Boatneck Striped Tee
Romwe Floral Pleated White Skirt
Adidas Superstar Sneakers

Abercrombie Peasant Blouse
Houndstooth Pants 
Heeled Sandals

Striped shirt

Striped Trousers
Black Pumps

Gingham Shirt
Thakoon Boucle Skirt
Topshop Lace Up Shoes

Pattern mixing. To some, it's a frightening prospect. To others, it's everyday attire. And the rest of us are stuck somewhere in the middle.

But whichever group you fall into, this post is here for all those interested in achieving a look where you're wearing multiple prints at once. In one outfit. At the same time. 

If you're already fluent in the art of pattern mixing, this post gives you some extra outfit ideas. And if you're not quite sure where to begin when it comes to mixing prints, this post  gives you a great foundation for some outfit ideas.

For outfit 1, we have the classic mix of stripes and florals. Besides for the pairings of different patterns, outfit 1 also pairs a very casual tee with a more formal full skirt. Plus a pair of Adidas for good measure. So this outfit is mixing things up in more than one way. Which is very wonderful.

In outfit 2, a houndstooth pair of trousers is paired with a geometric patterned blouse and some strappy heeled sandals. The unifying factor in this outfit is the color scheme. Black. Grey. White.

Outfit 3 is an interesting twist on pattern mixing. Because it's not really pattern mixing. Here, two pieces with the same pattern are paired together. And a solid pair of pumps keeps the look sleek and polished. This is more of a monochromatic look. I dig monochromatic looks. Just thought you should know. 

In outfit 4, gingham and a watered down stripe pattern are paired together. Again, we have a more casual shirt paired with a more formal skirt. And then, a pair of lace up flats adds the finishing touch to this preppy look. 

So there you have it - four pattern mixing ideas. The one rule to follow is to not go overboard. Don't pair a top with huge flowers with a skirt with huge flowers. Try keeping one print on the outfit milder or smaller than the other. Also, polka dots with polka dots - eh. Stripes with stripes works. But double polka dots might feel like an overdose.


On a completely unrelate note, sad, but true:

       photo from dump a day dot com

       photo from dump a day dot com

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