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My Top 8 Style Tips

My Top 8 Style Tips

my top 8 style tips

1. Like What You're Wearing

It's super cliche, I know, but when you're feeling good about what you're wearing, you really are going to look your best. When you think you look good, that confidence vibe is projected onto others and people can't help but assume, "hey, she looks really good!" And conversely, when you're uncomfortable in a certain outfit or style, people will sense that too. So be yourself, and dress like yourself!

2. Keep Your Wardrobe Fresh

I don't mean that you should buy a new wardrobe every new season. Although that would be nice. So then, how are you supposed to keep your closet fresh and current? Answer: always have the essential, classic pieces in your closet that you can wear every season. And then, every once in a while, buy a few items that are more "trendy." And you really don't need to splurge on these trendy items. I find some of my best buys in the cheapest stores. Asos, H&M, Forever 21, and Zara are among my favorites for buying "in" pieces when a new season arrives. Some examples:

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3. When Unsure, Buy a Size Up

If you're vacillating between two different sizes, go with the larger size. If an item is too big, you can always tailor it to make it fit you properly (this could really be its own separate tip. So sub-tip: get a good tailor). You can't really  do that if the clothing is too small. 

4. Shoes Complete an Outfit

Did you ever notice how one of the first items people will notice on anyone is that person's shoes? It's my opinion that you can tell if someone has a sense of personal style from her shoe choices. So, when getting dressed, try to include your shoes into your outfit equation so it looks like the shoes are equal to the other parts of your outfit and weren't just an afterthought. Some shoes I'm loving for summer:

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5. Mix and Match

This one is two-fold. Firstly, pair different tops with different bottoms. It's normal (yay, you're normal) to have a certain top that you know goes great with a certain bottom and then always want to pair the two together. But, try to mix it up a little. This will make it look like you have a lot more clothing than you actually do. Never a bad thing. 
Second meaning: pair expensive pieces with more affordable options. Like a leather skirt with a denim shirt. And, pair classic items with trendy items. Like a leather skirt with a denim shirt. 

6. Wear Colors to Match the Occasion

Darker colors are more serious and somber. This not only means that you should wear darker colors in more formal or solemn situations (funeral, business meeting etc.), but also that when you wear darker colors, you are taken more seriously and convey more authority. Lighter colors, on the other hand, are more cheerful, friendly, and casual. Wear lighter colors to any event or on any occasion where formality is not expected. But honestly, I wear black ALL the time. Party pooper much?

                                              Formal                                                                                        casual

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7. Less is More, and More is More

This is a hot topic for debate (well, not really, but there's definitely a difference of opinion here). Is less more, or is more more? I say both. Sometimes, if you're wearing a chic all black outfit and just one stand-out accessory, like a silver cuff, less is more. Sometimes, piling on three necklaces and stacking rings on 5 fingers is more. For me, it really depends on the occasion and the outfit. So I don't pick sides in this " heated dispute."

                                 more is more                                                                                    less is more

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8. Develop Your Personal Style

Remember my post on the five basic style types? That's what I'm talking about here. Figure out your style type and you'll start dressing more like yourself. It's the thing that makes someone pick up a dress and go, "this is so YOU."


On a completely unrelated note, the only person (fine, living being) that I would forgive:

                                                                                               photo from  alex kalish

                                                                                               photo from alex kalish

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