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Button Downs: 5 Styles

Button Downs: 5 Styles





Denim shirts














plaid shirts








patterned shirts








silk shirts

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Button-down shirts are not just for work. Button-downs weren't created to be immediately assigned for pencil skirt pairings. And button-downs are not boring. They're versatile! And fun! And flattering and stylish and sophisticated and playful and elegant and chic and formal and informal.

Take a look. The 15 shirt styles above encompass all the adjectives I just mentioned. Eencrredabell! (That was "incredible" with some type of foreign accent, probably French. No, now I'm thinking Russian. Or maybe Italian. Wait - Irish? Ugh, fine, nobody pronounces the word like that.)

Here are some of the ways I like to wear my button-downs:

1. Neatly tucked in
2. Half/messily tucked in
3. Letting it all hang out
4. Tucked out with the bottom half of the buttons opened
5. On top of a dress, opened
6. On top of an undershirt, opened
7. Tied around my waist like a belt
8. As socks - nah, just kidding

So, let's review:

Are button-downs assigned solely to work days? No!
Are there only one or two ways to wear button-downs? No!
Are button-downs awesome? Yes!

Let me know if you have another way you like to wear your button-down shirts. I'd like to try new styles. Change is difficult, but it's good. Amen. 



On a completely unrelated note, shucks. I was really looking forward to a swim:

                                                             Photo from dumpaday.om

                                                             Photo from dumpaday.om

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