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My Top 10 Bakeware Essentials

My Top 10 Bakeware Essentials

My Top 10 Bakeware Essentials | trufflesandtrends.com.jpg

It's time. It's time I covered my top 10 bakeware essentials. 

Notice my word choice. Bakeware. Which is defined as "tinstraysand other items placed in the oven during baking" according to my Mac dictionary. So we're not talking about baking tools or utensils here, but just bakeware. Because my favorite baking tools and utensils were already dealt with in my Top 10 Baking Tools post. 

Below are the baking pans, sheets, plates, and molds that I use all the time when baking. But these items are not just unique for me and my baking adventures. These items encompass the baking pans any baker anywhere would use. Because they're basic. And essential. And pretty much cover any fundamental baking dish you might ever need for any recipe. Cookies, layer cakes, square cakes, cheesecakes, loaf cakes, bars and brownies, tarts, pies, baked donuts, muffins, cupcakes, and bread can all be made using the following bakeware essentials. 

So, if you're one of those people on this planet that ever venture into the world of baking, proceed to the list below. And see the corresponding recipes I've made with each bakeware piece mentioned.

1. Cookie Sheet

Nordic cookie sheet | trufflesandtrends.com
Calphalon 9x13 pan | trufflesandtrends.com
WIlton Muffin Pan | trufflesandtrends.com
Wilton mini muffin pan | trufflesandtrends.com
OvenStuff round cake pans | trufflesandtrends.com
Calphalon springform pan | trufflesandtrends.com
Wilton square cake pan | trufflesandtrends.com
Wilton Loaf Pans | trufflesandtrends.com
Chicago Metallic 10-inch tart pan | trufflesandtrends.com

8. Pie Plate

Pyrex Pie Plate | trufflesandtrends.com
CorningWare Pie Plate | trufflesandtrends.com

9. Bundt Pan

Nordic Bundt Pan | trufflesandtrends.com
Kaiser Bundt Pan | trufflesandtrends.com
Wilton Donut Pan | trufflesandtrends.com
Norpro Mini Muffin Pan | trufflesandtrends.com

Wilton Donut Pan, Norpro Mini Donut Pan

Recipes: Baked Cinnamon Crumb Donuts, Baked Chocolate Donuts


On a completely unrelated note, just so you know, in general:

                                              photo from dump a day dot com

                                              photo from dump a day dot com

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